Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Man of my Life

As my last post said, DS and I celebrated one month together this past weekend. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal to some people but to get this far in a relationship and still care for this man is a huge step forward for me! 3 days from now this will be the longest relationship I will have ever been in. 

For our anniversary we knew that we didn't want to buy each other gifts, we wanted to spend time with each other instead. So DS suggested that we go back to the same restaurant that we had our first date at! Brilliant idea! I think we spent just as long there this time around as we did the first time, maybe longer, but we were there for over 4 hours together! 

I was house sitting/baby sitting in the city at the time so for a complete change, instead of me driving into the city to pick him up, he came by and picked me up for our date! It made me feel so awesome and girlie! (Yes, sometimes it is that easy to make me happy!) I got to be the girl who waits on the front steps for her man!

Being able to spend 3 days in a row with my amazing gift from God was the best way to spend the weekend. I feel like I got to know him a little more, and I got to talk to him about some of the things I want him to know about myself. 

To make him even more incredible, I think he's one of those super understanding guys when it comes to being busy with work. I know I'm stressing out about work the next two weeks, lets hope he can handle me when I'm like that. God give him strength, he might just need it. 


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  2. You're adorable.
    And I still love that picture - gorgeous.