Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Walk to Remember

This week has been pretty crazy, both good and bad. Classes are winding down and coming to an end an assignments are racking up and all being due at the same time. To add to that stress I have a lot of co-op hours to complete before the end of the month.

That being said, I've been spending a lot of hours working my co-op job, and loving every minute of it! Needless to say there's some pretty drastic construction going on right out front of the building that has stopped all traffic from passing on that road and the detour goes blocks around the area.

Well I have to get from co-op to campus somehow so I figure I would walk down the road to the next bus stop. I just missed the bus. So out of frustration, and not wanting to wait half an hour for the next one, I decided to walk. 3.5km from co-op to campus! It's the biggest walk I've ever taken actually in one stretch.

That was my Monday, then I did it again yesterday (Wednesday) and then today I made the walk both ways, from co-op to campus, and then back from campus to co-op!

My legs feel absolutely on fire right now but it also feels so absolutely incredible to know I can accomplish that and each day I've done it, it hurts less and I get there faster! I feel like a champ!

I guess this will be a new thing that I plan to keep up now! What's not to love about it!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Year Comes to a Close

So this is it, wrapping up the last few weeks of another year in University. As crazy as this year has been, it's also been such an incredible learning experience! I've never been so sure of my desire to compose music in my life! My co-op placement showed me that this is exactly what I want to do as a living, and my composition classes show me how easy and wonderful it can be to put your ideas down for others to explore and experience!

This year has also been a great opportunity for me to grow in my faith, from attending faith studies, to joining a CCO group, and even connecting closer with people from my church and people that I share my faith with. I have met some absolutely wonderful people, some of which are driving me towards my faith. When I feel like I'm slowing down on my journey, they give me a push in the right direction and send me down the right road all over again!

I've grown as a person, learning that its okay to say no, it's okay to fail at things, it's okay to stumble and that it won't be the end of the world. If something happens and I don't do something
perfectly the world will not collapse and its likely that no one will even remember. I've learned that I don't have to let people walk all over me, even if they're adults. I can stand up for myself and demand to be treated properly. I've learned that not everyone who walks into your life is setting out to hurt me and if I just open up a little bit, I can develop stronger friendships than I've ever had.

I've learned that I am beautiful. I may not be perfect, or super fit, my hair is huge and crazy, and I still get acne, but I am beautiful. I love the way I look and even though I want to be healthier, I want to do it for me, and not for others. If nothing about me changes, I will be happy too, because this is who I am and God loves me this way! I love my crazy hair, and my oily skin will make me less likely to have wrinkles when I'm older. I'm not super fit but that just shows that I have a life outside a gym. I am me. I am wonderful!

I've learned that life is short, people can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye and some of them are taken away much sooner than they expected. So live life. Don't be stupid and be an idiot about it, but take the time, enjoy the small things, leave early when driving to give yourself time to stop the car if something catches your eye. If you see a sunset, take the time and enjoy it. Be daring and fight your fears and try something new, you'll be amazed what you can conquer when you set your mind on a goal.

Plan for multiple futures. Plan something simple, something realistic, something daring, and some big dream that's never going to happen, but plan them like that will be your reality starting tomorrow. For me I planned what I will do if I finish with a Bmus degree, I planned for graduate studies, I planned on if I moved elsewhere in Canada, planned for a move to another country, planned on if I stay in my town the rest of my life. I planned on my next degree if I choose to do one. I've planned what car I should get next and how much it would cost approx and started saving for it. I've planned most of my life depending on what happens along the way! The thing is its just a loose plan, it's going to change or not happen at all, but at least I'm striving towards something!

Life is so wonderful and we all need to rely on God and on ourselves for our happiness, stop looking to objects, and other people or anything that can be taken away from you. Stay true to the things that will always be with you no matter what!